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Lincoln is thrilled to announce the launch of its international Barometer: « The Talent Management Experience ».

The origins of the project

Lincoln Chairman, Matthieu Beaurain, currently based in Shanghai, and Luc Wangen, then HR Director of Hutchinson/Total in China, joined forces to develop an outsourced Talent Management offer. The service would target fast-growing companies and those that have not developed their own Talent Management policy in-house yet.

They rolled out a Talent Management barometer through an anonymous and international employee experience survey.

The project, which started in China in their Talent Community, received highly positive feedback. Encouraging them to take a more global approach and issue the questionnaire each year to a broad spectrum of Talents in Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, and Asia.

A new approach based on employee perception

At present, many studies or questionnaires focus on setting up a Talent Management policy. However, it is rare to know how it is perceived by the employees.

The study focuses on individual perception at three levels:

  • Are the various Talent Management topics considered in the company and, if so, how? (recruitment, integration, internal mobility, professional development, etc.)
  • Have the employees had the opportunity to benefit from them?
  • Are the implemented actions seen as effective?

The results of the survey will enable us to analyse employees’ perception of their company’s ability to integrate a Talent Management policy in a context of transformation.

Three talent management experts at the helm of the project

The roll-out of this project is being led by two Lincoln consultants, Marie Pasquier-Chevassus and Nicolas de Kervern, as well as a client, Luc Wangen, who is the Total Group’s representative on labour and HR issues at the French chemical industry federation.

Marie Pasquier-Chevassus joined Lincoln one year ago, after more than twelve years in HR positions and—more specifically—as an HR development manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nicolas de Kervern has worked as a HR consultant for twenty-eight years and has a wealth of expertise in assessment. Today, Talent Management forms the core of his work: assessing internal and external candidate selection, evaluating development, and providing support.

Finally, Luc Wangen, Director of Labour Affairs for the UIC (the French chemical industry association), has held the position of HR Director since the start of his career.


Results scheduled for autumn

Lincoln will organise an event to present the results and share Talent Management best practices among professionals.

The results will be published on our website and will be sent to you by email if you send a request to barometretalent@lincoln-group.com