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My Journey,
Design your move with Lincoln

My Journey is the perfect partner for leading a smooth professional transformation.

Desired or not, a transition is always a chance. Because everyone is unique and standing alone is not easy, Lincoln brings you all its expertise to make this journey a success.

My Journey is committed to supporting each talent and delivering a personalized program fitting perfectly with the requirements, situations, and experience of everyone.


What Makes me unique

Understanding each individual to make relevant the new project requires a lot of expertise. My Journey is a structured program that brings a tailored experience for each talent throughout his transition.

  • Exploration of professional background, know-how, drivers
  • Identification of needs and desires
  • Strengthening of self-knowledge
  • Emergence of a stimulating project
  • Market analysis and project feasibility
  • Carring out the project



Transforming an objective into a reality is difficult. Find the best way to make one’s dream a reality is not always easy.
This is the reason why My journey designs a customized experience, which matches individual needs relying on a dedicated approach mixing:

  • Assessment tools designed by Lincoln (personality, 360°, evaluation of commercial and managerial skills, serious games…)
  • Help with CV writing
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Art of pitch coaching
  • Co-development workshops
  • Personal branding, effective use of social networks
  • Networking
  • Help for business set up
  • Help with repatriation
  • Attendance at conferences on topical issues



Because having a caring and structured support allows going further, My Journey provides the expertise of their Agents of Talents to co-build an individualized and structuring project.

  • Talents are paired with a “My Journey” coach and a recruitment consultant who support them throughout their professional transformation.
  • Project organization and tailor-made support
  • Ability to confront the project with the market expectations



Due to his wide expertise, My Journey is the best partner to help each talent to think « tomorrow »

The best way for the Talents to live mobility with serenity is to make sure that it has been correctly anticipated. Besides, it enhances the employer brand and its attractiveness.

My Journey supports the talent and puts at his disposal a full ecosystem to shape the future

Objectives :


  • Prepare the future
  • Give (back) confidence
  • Bring solutions
  • Think out of the box
  • Make the Offboarding as sweet as possible
  • Humanize the outplacement and turn it into opportunities